ISO17205 certified Lab
DNA testing service in the Philippines

INFINITECH CENTER a Philippine registered company under the Department of Trade & Industries. Since,1999.  In our company's direction to provide superior products & quality service to our customers.  We have tapped DNA Solutions Pty Ltd. to be our exclusive partner to provide an affordable DNA testing in the Philippines.  Taking a DNA test with us allows you direct access to the laboratory and its scientists. Unlike resellers, we offer you expert scientific support and assistance. Our laboratory process each order in-house with personalized service and strict confidentiality.

In 2009, Inifinitech partnered with DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC). An AABB certified laboratory based in Ohio, U.S.A. to provide court approved and immigration related testing. It is the only laboratory affiliated in the Philipines that is accredited by the United States Embassy

Having introduced the first Philippine DNA home paternity testing kit in 2008, we remain dedicated to progress and innovation.  In 2011 we launched the first non-invasive prenatal DNA paternity test in the Philippines, available ONLY through DDC.

How accurate is DNA testing?

DNA testing is the most advanced technique in establishing paternity.  A child inherits DNA from his or her biological parents—half from the mother, and half from the father.   A biological father and child will share the same DNA type in every region we test.  Achieving extremely high accuracy because DNA is unique for each person it can help establish paternity of a child with an accuracy  of 99.9% -99.9999%.  A Non- biological father and a child will have different DNA types in the regions tested.  Proving that the father is 100% excluded from being the biological father .

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The laboaratory was inspected and awarded ISO 17025Accreditation for forensic science DNA test. Lab staff are qualified scientists, many with a decade or more of DNA testing experience.  Our laboratory performs DNA test with superior accuracy, because we test MORE DNA in each person.  All DNA tests are strictly confidential.  DNA laboratory analysts double check your DNA testing results and computer generated reports eliminate the chance of error.
Personalized Service 

Call our Hotline(02) 703 2155 or 09209703777 Your questions will be answered immediately,  NOT by a call center.   Our forensic scientists are available 21 hours/day to answer unusual cases and recommend the appropriate DNA test.


We guarantee personalized service and strict  confidentiality.  Every case is handled with the highest level of importance because we know that lives are at stake  . All customer data is stored on a secure encrypted database.  At the time you submit the submission form you will be asked to create a password for added security.