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Hidden Fees

Look for hidden fees when reviewing DNA testing companies. Some companies appear inexpensive until they reveal that the price they quote you does not include sample collection, post expenses, or other related costs. Be extra cautious of companies that charge for additional collection kits if they inform you that an initial collection kit failed to collect sufficient DNA samples.
DNA Diagnostics Centre outlines all costs upfront to its clients. We don't charge clients for extra kits needed by our clients.

Lack of Experience

Companies that offer inexpensive DNA tests often cannot afford to employ highly trained and experienced laboratory staff. In fact, some of these staffs include university students with little laboratory experience.
Our laboratory is one of the most experienced DNA testing companies in the world.

Paternity Testing as a Side Business

Some large genetic and biological testing companies offer paternity tests as a side business. As a side business, their paternity services may not receive the time or financing to produce high quality tests to clients. Because the of this, these lab may not adhere to the strictest quality control measures that companies that specialize in paternity testing do.
We solely performs paternity testing and human identification services.

"Legal" DNA Testing

Legal paperwork that accompanies DNA tests typically includes verification of the collected parties and the maintenance of the DNA samples through notarized documentation. This sample and documentation control requires strict testing procedures and knowledgeable laboratory personnel to provide the service. These qualifications cost time and money, so it is unlikely that an inexpensive testing company can provide its clients with DNA test results that are legally defensible.
Legal paternity tests through DNA Diagnostics Centre are performed through strict chain of custody testing procedures, ensuring the legal defensibility of the test results. DDC’s laboratory director, Dr. Michael Baird, is the first DNA expert to testify in a court case that used DNA as evidence (the Castro case) and has appeared on NBC as a TV consultant on the OJ Simpson case. In the landmark paternity case of the century Dr. Michael Baird, announced the results of the paternity DNA test conducted between Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, Dannielynn, and Larry Birkhead. Millions around the world were tuned in to hear the announcement—that Birkhead is the father.  For cases in the Philippines that would need a DNA expert witness a video conference call could be arrange with our courts.

Fake Addresses

To save money, some laboratories do not maintain a physical address that is open to clients. Their post is delivered to a post office box or a box located in a mailing shop. Some do not even take post but instead operate only on the Internet and have resellers in different areas, samples are sent to another laboratory for testing.
We don’t have resellers we treat every case with strict confidentiality

Minimal or No Customer Service

Another cost-cutting measure for labs offering inexpensive DNA tests is a lack of customer service. To reduce overhead, these companies will minimise or eliminate customer service representatives, which maximises their profit from inexpensive tests. This means that if clients have questions about their paternity DNA test, they will have great difficulty contacting the company or talking with a trained customer service representative.
We offers unbeatable customer service from highly trained and knowledgeable representatives.