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Sibling to Sibling testing. DNA testing siblings as biological relations
2 Testing Options:

SIBLING DNA TESTING - Brother to Brother DNA test
1. Testing to see if a brother and sister have the same Mother - Use a Mitochondrial DNA test.

Mitochondrial DNA is only passed from mother to children. So all siblings to the same mother will have the exact same mitochondrial DNA. For more detailed information click to see our Mitochondrial DNA page.

2. Testing to see if a brother and sister have the same Father - Use a Full Sibling to Sibling DNA test.

A brother to sister (sibling to sibling DNA Test) works by testing a very large number of different DNA points (known as loci) in each person. Full siblings share a lot more DNA in common than do unrelated persons, and also, half siblings share more DNA in common than unrelated persons, but not as much as full siblings. So this test looks at the amount of DNA sharing and uses DNA statistics to evaluate the amount of DNA sharing to deduce biological relationship.

Because we are evaluating the amount of DNA sharing, it is helpful to have DNA from any parents or other siblings of the persons being tested, since that drastically helps the evaluation process by allowing us to pin-point exactly which DNA is more likely to have come from each sisters Father in particular.

If you want to test 2 brothers then you may have a cheaper option of testing only the Y chromosome, click for brother to brother testing options. If you are wishing to test only sisters, then you should click for our sister to sister page.

1. Full Sibling to Sibling testing. 21,800 for 2 siblings and up to 2 parents (6,250 for each extra person)

This test investigates a high number of DNA regions. Full or half siblings will differ in the amount of DNA that they share. A Full Sibling to Sibling test looks at so many pieces of your DNA that we can make an assessment of your relationship. For example, full siblings will have DNA matching EXACTLY between them in 40% of regions tests, whereas non related persons have DNA matching EXACTLY in around 10% of regions tested.

To have the Mother's DNA sample (from both or either sibling) drastically increases the accuracy of the test and is included in the testing costs

X-chromosome testing is  another unique scientific offering from DNA SOLUTIONS laboratories. DNA SOLUTIONS, the company that created the home DNA test kits and high region-super accurate paternity testing, now has a system to test a high number of specific points on the X chromosome of each person.
Test With Mother's DNA Accuracy Cost Order
Brother to Sister
(2 Persons)
with no Mother's
90% 21,800
Brother to Sister
(3 Persons)
with 1 Mother's
95%0 21,800
Brother to Sister
(4 Persons)
with 2 Mother's
99% 21,800

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